I'm Charlie Palline and I get to play with diamonds and gold all day everyday.

Grew up experimenting with graffiti, painting, customising trainers and clothes and then as I grew up I fell into the watch and jewellery game.  

All the skills and techniques I developed over the years without realising I could now use and transfer it over to photography and creating custom jewellery. 

Everyday there is something new to do, something new to create or photograph. I love to combine all the things I love into my work trainers, art and luxury. 

I take great pride in how our social media platforms and website look. Everything has to be professional and clean. And it's my job to make sure we keep developing the brand and pushing the Trotters gang forward. 

All my paintings and custom trainers and clothes are available on my site and for more pictures of my work and behind the scenes action check my Instagram and snapchat.